Plushie Assault!

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Lilith Rift was out shopping with her mother at the local book store when she stumbled across a dusty old red book on an equally dusty shelf hidden away in the back of the shop. The book looked old, decorated with a carved black medallion on the front cover and adorned with gold leaf accents around the edges of the cover, even the edges of the pages. The medallion was inscribed with the title: “Magika of Animation”.Lilith took the book under arm and ran to her mother“Mom! Can I have this book? Please!” She Pleaded. “It’s about animation!”Lilith’s mother patted her golden haired child “Only if you promise to read it cover to cover.” Smiling gently, “The last book I bought you ended up collecting dust on your shelf.”“I will, I swear!” Lilith jumped for joy, as the two of them headed for the register.After the pair returned home, Lilith’s mother had to depart again to pick up her father from work. Lilith wasted no time, rushing up the stairs to her room and to her desk, paper and pencil ready to start learning animation. But upon studying the first few pages of the books content, she discovered that the book was not about art animation at all, but about magically imbuing inanimate objects with the power to move! Lilith was even more excited than ever! Her eyes were glued to the page, she practiced saying the words out loud, like the characters from her favorite wizard movie.

Something moved on her bed, at least she thought it did, her favorite giant stuffed teddy bear plushie appeared lifeless enough. Lilith continued reading, turning pages faster and faster.

“bbbrraaaiiinnnnssss…” came a moan from the bed, Lilith dropped the book in shock as her loveable giant stuffed teddy shuffled off her bed and unsteadily took a first step. Lilith screamed in terror and bolted from the room, heading for her fathers study where she knew he kept a gun. She was never supposed to touch it, but in this situation, he would understand!

“Someone help me!!” She screamed as she ran through her front door out into the fading light of evening. Giant teddy in hot pursuit. But outside was no better. Somehow, the words Lilith spoke from the magic book and given life to every stuffed animal in the neighborhood, and they were running amok! Lilith braced herself for the battle that lay ahead.

How long will she last? Well, that’s in your hands now!


Lilith Rift

Lilith Rift

Our Heroine, Lilith Rift. She read a magical book and brought all the plushies to life. But did they say ‘Thank You’? Of course not, they only want to eat her! Maybe next time she will be more careful what books she chooses to read from dusty bookstore shelves… or not. Shooting stuffed animals can be fun!

Primary Weapons: Pistol, Shotgun, Assault Rifle

Secondary Weapons: Hand Grenade, Landmine

Special Skill: Run like a girl!


The first enemy you will encounter. Used to be Lilith’s favorite stuffed animal, but now, we’re sure she has rethought her rankings!

Bears are relatively weak and slow, but watch out! The longer you survive, the more tenacious they get.

Base Health: 60
Base Armor: 15
Base Attack: 10
Point Value: 200
Money: 60
Stat Modifier (every 3 waves): +65 Health, +.25 Armor, +1 Attack, +.02 Speed, +100 points



These irritating fellows just want to chew on your house, or you, which ever gets in their way first! Slightly tougher than Bears, and just as abundant, these plushies can push through any defense. Prepare yourself before you meet them by upgrading your weapon of choice!

Base Health: 120
Base Armor: 60
Base Attack: 15
Point Value: 400
Money: 85
Stat Modifier (every 3 waves): +75 Health, +.5 Armor, +1.5 Attack, +.02 Speed, +200 points


The first Boss you will encounter during your fight for survival! Unlike the other plushies, she could care less about your house, and just wants to chew on your brains. Delicious brains…

Careful planning of weapon upgrades and a few well placed landmines help make Raggedy one of the easiest bosses in the game. At least the first time you meet her!

Base Health: 1,500
Base Armor: 25
Base Attack: 40
Point Value: 5,000
Money: 650
Stat Modifier (every new boss round): +3,000 Health, +.75 Armor, +3 Attack, +.05 Speed, +2,000 points


Ninja Cat

This is one cool cat. Or really REALLY uncool cat, depending on when he decides to spring his attack! Stealth is one of Ninja Cat’s greatest weapons, but so is his somewhat high attack power and health. If you listen closely though, you may just hear the pitter-patter of little plushie cat feet as he approaches.

Base Health: 750
Base Armor: 5
Base Attack: 60
Point Value: 600
Money: 160
Stat Modifier (every 3 waves): +75 Health, +.25 Armor, +2 Attack, +.02 Speed, +300 points


The second Boss you will meet, if you survived the Rabbit swarm and Ninja Cat attacks! He looks quite scary, but is actually not too hard to defeat with a little planning. But who plans ahead? Face it, you’re doomed! AHHHH!!! RUN FROM THE GHOST!!

Base Health: 4,000
Base Armor: 25
Base Attack: 50
Point Value: 7,000
Money: 850
Stat Modifier (every new boss round): +4,000 Health, +.75 Armor, +5 Attack, +.05 Speed, +3,000 points


Slow Skeleton

This plushie packs a punch. Fortunately, he is rather large and slow, making him a hard target to miss. Save up your grenades, your gonna need them! MUHAHAHAHA!

Base Health: 2,000
Base Armor: 50
Base Attack: 80
Point Value: 1,000
Money: 400
Stat Modifier (every 3 waves): +150 Health, +1 Armor, +2 Attack, +0 Speed, +500 points

Punctual Penguin

Don’t blink or you might miss him! This plushie has the annoying trait of being VERY fast, and his attack is rather powerful. However, he is the weakest of all the plushies, taking only one shot to kill. Tell yourself that when he catches you reloading!

Base Health: 1
Base Armor: 40
Base Attack: 100
Point Value: 2,000
Money: 170
Stat Modifier (every 3 waves): +1 Health, +1 Armor, +10 Attack, +.02 Speed, +1,000 points



The third Boss you will face. This plushie has high health, and should be dealt with in the most explosive manner possible (use landmines!). If you manage to survive Alien’s assault, you can be proud of yourself, not many make it that far! However, your days are numbered. It only gets harder from here!

Base Health: 8,000
Base Armor: 30
Base Attack: 100
Point Value: 10,000
Money: 3000
Stat Modifier (every new boss round): +4,000 Health, +1 Armor, +1 Attack, +.05 Speed, +8,500 points

We hope you enjoyed the game!

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