Plushie Assault

Plushie Assault is a shooter/endurance survival game about a girl named Lilith who accidentally brought all the stuffed animals in her neighborhood to life by reading a magical book. As the player, you take control of Lilith, and using a small arsenal of weapons, fend off the rampaging hordes of zombie plushies as they try to tear down your house! Plushie Assault is built around a high-score system where players compete with others on the internet to see who can claim fame of getting the highest score!

The game is hosted on, and potentially other online gaming portals in the future. Click Here to play now for free!

For the story, and information on the characters Click Here!

Idle Conquest



Greetings generals! I am Queen Catherine von Conqueror the Fourth and I will conquer the world. Of course no conquering is successful without a good general. You will be my general! I-I mean I just think you will do a good job and serve my country Touria well so don’t get the wrong idea!

The other countries have strong armies and well trained troops. But I do not care about that because I have a secret that they do not have fufufu! Dark knights will join Touria and I need your help to make them grow! Soon, our dark knight armies will overrun their pathetic countries and Touria will rule the world!

Will you join Touria and help me conquer the world? You will rule the world together with me!

Play it Now! Kongregate.

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