Idle Conquest




In the land of Ederov, a new dark power grows. The new Queen of the nation of Touria, Catherine von Conqueror the Fourth, has a plan for world domination. Nothing can stop her, not even the worlds largest cake!

In Idle Conquest. you control the Queen’s resources and vast armies of willing minions as she marches toward world domination!

The World:

Touria, a small nation at the top of the world, has its sights set on the whole world! But the quest will not be an easy one. 24 proud nations stand in your way, each one more powerful than the last. how long will it take you to overcome them all?

The Queen:


Catherine von Conqueror the Fourth, Queen of Touria, and goddess-ruler of the relm! Or at least thats what she fights for. With your help her dreams can be a reality!

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